Family reunion poems

family reunion poems

cancer survivor poems


Its Magic & Its Free
Its not in a prescription
Its not in a IV

It punctuates out laughter
It Sparkles in our tears
It simmers under sorrows
and Dissipates our fears

Do you know hope is?
Its reaching past today
Its dreaming of tomorrow
Its trying a new way

Its Questioning All the Answers
And always seeking more"
Crystal T


cancer survivor poems#2

My Wish
© Shelliegh Southard
My wish this year
Is for you to remain here
I wouldn't know what to do
If forced to lose you

That beautiful smile on your face
Always illuminates a gloomy place
The love that you show me
The way you try to make me see

You will always be my baby boy
That sparkle in your eyes gives me joy
Holding you from the moment you were born
Memories will be comfort, when it's time to mourn

When it's time for you to leave
It will be hard for me to believe
I hope you will feel my last touch
Baby boy, I will miss you so much

If I have to say goodbye
All I will do is cry
Watching my little boy go
My heart will ache with sorrow

When you're gone watch over me
Baby boy make me see
The wings that you earn,
and also the message, I need to learn

My wish this year
Is for you to remain here
I wouldn't know what to do
If forced to lose you

My baby boy
I will always love you



I step out of the shower, water dripping down my face
Wrap myself in a soft, fluffy towel
Passing the floor length mirror I stop and study the image
Of the worry lines etched on my face
My heart is pounding painfully in my chest
Tonight, I vow, I will get the answers to the questions
That have been bothering me since my surgery.
I straighten my shoulders and paste a smile on my face.
Bare feet padding across the plush carpeting of our bedroom
I stand before you as you sit on the edge of the bed.
Ever so slowly, I let my towel drop
I stare directly at you waiting to see your reaction.
I expect you to turn away with revulsion on your face
But you in turn stare where my right breast used to be.
So gently you trace your thumb across the ugly incision
I recoil, thinking you are only doing this for my benefit.
But in your eyes I see only love
And in your strong arms I feel that love.
As our eyes lock together, you whisper
"I love you and I'm thankful that you're alive."


A Prayer

Come, give, yield all your strength to me!
From far a low word breathes on the breaking brain
Its cruel calm, submission's misery,
Gentling her awe as to a soul predestined.
Cease, silent love! My doom!

Blind me with your dark nearness, O have mercy, beloved enemy of my will!
I dare not withstand the cold touch that I dread.
Draw from me still
My slow life! Bend deeper on me, threatening head,
Proud by my downfall, remembering, pitying
Him who is, him who was!

Together, folded by the night, they lay on earth. I hear
From far her low word breathe on my breaking brain.
Come! I yield. Bend deeper upon me! I am here.
Subduer, do not leave me! Only joy, only anguish,
Take me, save me, soothe me, O spare me!

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